Frightened tenants call for action to help stop disorder

There have been calls for urgent action to be taken to make tenants feel safe in their homes after a spate of anti-social behaviour.

The Herald recently reported that door entry intercoms have been broken for some time in Burns Court - leaving the close open for anyone to get in.

There have been reports of vandalism and youth disorder and a resident said the problem has became worse with drug users walking into homes and property being set on fire.

One woman said: “We have had junkies walk into our houses and try doors, teenagers smashing things in the close, burning anything put out for special uplifts and drink getting thrown all over the close.

“My boyfriend’s wee boy is terrified and said he doesn’t want to come and stay anymore. I finish work late at night and am terrified walking up the close.

“We have been at the council non-stop about the close doors and the answer is, ‘do you want to fill out a form to be rehoused?’

“The amount of money the council has spent on these flats only to leave the closes unlocked and in an embarrassingly disgusting state.

“I wish the council would stop wasting money on pointless things and get something sorted.”

A mum recently told the Herald that her daughter is scared to live in the Burns Court flats.

She said: “It’s a complete nightmare. New couches were delivered and as one was being taken upstairs the other couch was set on fire.”

Residents say a flat was broken into, there have been fights, vandalism, and young people hang around drinking and smoking.

Similar concerns were raised about Burns Court last year.

The council recently told the Herald it takes its responsibility to its tenants “very seriously”.

They added that “there has been serious and sustained vandalism of the closes and door entry systems and these have been repaired on a number of occasions.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services said: “Our housing service is carrying out the next phase of investment at Burns Court from this summer.

“This will improve overall security for residents, with a permanent fix to the door entry systems, and the lighting in the closes will improve thanks to new wiring.

“It is hoped the new systems will be installed from the summer onwards.”

She added: “Any loitering or acts of vandalism or indeed violence in the closes should be reported to the police.

“Both the police and community wardens are aware of the local issues and have been asked to patrol the area more regularly.”

Police have advised people who are concerned to contact them in an emergency on 999 or 101 in a non-emergency.