Furious drivers say roads have gone to pot in East Dunbartonshire

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MORE than than 1,670 complaints have been made over the state of East Dunbartonshire’s roads in just over a year.

The shocking statistic came to light this week following a Freedom of Information request lodged by the Herald with East Dunbartonshire Council.

The complaints were made between January 1, 2010 and February 28, 2011.

Earlier this year the Herald was inundated with calls from motorists about the state of the district’s roads.

This week concerned Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor David Ritchie called for an action plan to tackle the problem.

He said: “This is a huge number of complaints received by the council from members of the public who are completely fed-up with the lack of foresight from the administration when it comes to investing in roads.

“Motorists are facing roads that are crumbling and it’s just not good enough.”

It has also been revealed that from January 1, 2010 to February 28, 2011, East Dunbartonshire Council received 150 pothole compensation claims and paid out a toal of £2,066 in compensation from pothole damage to members of the public.

Councillor Ritchie added: “The council will have to look into this, it’s a matter of urgency that people can use roads in East Dunbartonshire safely and without having to look out for the next pothole.

“I know our roads department works extremely hard to rectify the situation, it’s nothing to do with them - it’s to do with the Labour/Tory administration’s lack of foresight and lack of attempts to tackle the problem.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s 1,678 complaints with regards to potholes between January 1, 2010 and February 28, 2011 equals a staggering four complaints per day.

David Devine, Head of Roads and Neighbourhood Services said: “In common with all Scottish Councils, East Dunbartonshire needs to fix a great many potholes and other defects following one of the worst winters on record. December 2010 was the coldest in 100 years. To improve road conditions, the Council has invested significant funding over recent years.”

Councillor Billy Hendry, Convener of the Development and Infrastructure Committee, said, “In this financial year, we have a total roads budget of £4.65m, with over £3m of that allocated to roads maintenance and drainage. We are working hard to make sure that we get a return on every penny and that the people of East Dunbartonshire start to see the improvements.”