Fury as sweetie shop raider is fined buttons...

The Old Sweetie Shop, Kirkintiiloch 15.8.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
The Old Sweetie Shop, Kirkintiiloch 15.8.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

THE DEVASTATED owners of a popular Kirkintilloch shop have hit out after a fellow trader who robbed them escaped with a fine.

John Grummitt plead guilty to an amended charge of stealing £30 from The Old Sweetie Shop in Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate at Glasgow District Court last week. The charge was originally for stealing £2,180.

Grummitt was ordered to pay a £230 fine, £30 of which will go to the Old Sweetie Shop owners as compensation.

The 46-year-old ran the Timpsons keycutting and shoe repair shop, which is next door to the Old Sweetie Shop.

He was seen entering the sweetie shop before opening hours in May this year. Co-owner of the shop Julie Ralston filmed Grummitt on her mobile phone from a car sitting across the street and alerted police.

Julie and her partner, Paul Lappin, believe Grummitt was using a key he had cut without their permission when they asked him to make a spare one for their Saturday worker last year.

Paul said: “We feel absolutely sick. We feel as if justice has not been done. We still can’t take it all in, because John was a friend of ours for about two years.

“He would come in and we would have rolls and bacon together. I went for a game of snooker with him and he invited us out with him and his wife.”

Paul and Julie noticed money going missing last year and reported it to the police.

Paul added: ”We feel betrayed by John and that our trust was broken.”

Paul said a security manager from Timpsons fitted new locks at the shop following the break-in in May.

When the Herald contacted Timpsons head office in Manchester, they declined to comment.