Fury over glass-strewn park

Broken glass in Lennox Park, Milngavie
Broken glass in Lennox Park, Milngavie

Yobs throwing glass bottles in Lennox Park, Milngavie, are putting children’s and dogs’ safety at risk - according to angry locals.

One regular dog walker in the park says she’s considering going somewhere else now because she’s worried that her dog could get injured.

She’s even more concerned that children will get cut by the shards of broken glass which are lying everywhere, as well as wild animals such as foxes, rabbits.

Morag Brown said: “This great wee park is being destroyed - the playpark and football pitch are always covered in glass now.

“I used to take a bag to pick it up however there’s too much now.

“I have reported the drinkers to the police but they are smart and they have mobile phones to warn each other.

“The culprits hide up high on the benches where they can see someone coming from every direction and they scarper.

“They just sit and toss the bottles from high to smash them.

“The drinkers also put broken bottles neck up in the grass to deliberately cause injuries. It’s terrible behaviour - they don’t care about others. So sad.”

She believes the only way to stop this happening would be to send plain clothes police officers into the park, however added: “They can’t catch them at it because it’s too wide a space with several exits.”

Inspector Gerry Corrigan, from Kirkintilloch Police Office, said: “Police officers work in conjunction with community partners every day to identify and address quality of life issues.

“Every weekend we have extra patrols in East Dunbartonshire to quickly identify and address any identified disorder issues to help keep people safe.”

Ann Davie, Director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s Customer Services and Transformation said: “We have not received any complaints regarding Lennox Park.

“Now we are aware of the issue, community wardens will attend and assess the area and if required will link in with colleagues at Streetscene to have any broken glass and litter removed.

“They will also monitor the area as much as possible and link in with colleagues in Police Scotland.”

Report anti-social behaviour to the police on 101 and the Community Wardens can be contacted on 0300 123 4510.