Fury over town hall clearance

AN angry councillor has blasted council bosses for removing equipment from Kirkintilloch Town Hall without warning.

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Waterside councillor Jack Young is demanding to know where tables, chairs and other contents were taken to after the building was emptied by council workmen on Friday morning.

Some of the tables and chairs were loaded on to lorries and others put into a skip.

Furious Councillor Young has now written to East Dunbartonshire Council's Strategic Director John Mundell to demand an explanation.

He said: "The first I knew about what was happening was when I received a telephone call from an anguished member of the public on Friday morning.

"This has shades of the infamous 1.30am raid on Milton of Campsie Village Hall, only this time the deed was done in broad daylight.

"I have written to Mr Mundell to find out why I, as a local councillor was not informed of the action, who approved it and the cost involved and why it was necessary to take place at all.

"It is also important to establish where the items have been taken, and why some were thrown into a skip when they seemed to be in perfectly good condition.


"Clearly taking away the furniture and fittings spells the end of the town hall.

"The key will be turned in the door for the final time after the heating system has been disconnected and the water supply stopped.

"It is only a matter of time then before the building gets to a point of no return and this council seeks permission from Scottish Heritage to demolish."

Ian Renwick, chairman of Kirkintilloch Community Council, admitted he was also concerned about the future of the hall.

He said: "The community council is worried about what is going to happen with the hall.

"We had discussions about the general situation at our last meeting and from that we have formed a sub-committee.

"At the moment we are trying to pull in people from different groups to help discuss what we are going to do next."

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council confirmed: "As part of the process of closing down the hall, all items which were found to be in good condition will be sent to other council locations throughout the area for re-use.

"The town hall was officially closed on 30th June 2004. This was approved at full council in January 2004."