Get on board to better bus and rail services

Councillors have agreed to carry out public consultations across East Dunbartonshire to ensure the best possible transport strategies going forward.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 10:52 am
Photograph Jamie Forbes 1.11.13 LENZIE. Parking problems near Lenzie Train Station. Alexandra Avenue.

East Dunbartonshire Council is currently revising its Local Transport Strategy and will carry out an eight-week consultation exercise.

This will include an 
online survey and drop-in events.

In his preface to the transport options report, Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets convener Billy Hendry (Conservative, Bishopbriggs North and Campsie) said: “It is important the council continue to make improvements to the transport network to ensure there are attractive options in place to enable a shift to sustainable travel whilst ensuring that the network is accessible to all and is safer than ever before.”

Plans for improved bus services include real-time passenger information, enhanced bus stops and shelters, and anti-congestion measures such as bus priority areas and congestion bypasses.

The council is already committed to several improvements to Kirkintilloch Town Centre. These are covered by the Kirkintilloch Town Centre Masterplan and include a bus hub and other more widespread regeneration projects.

There is also a desire to improve bus services between Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

These include upgrades to the Lenzie village centre and station area, better connections between bus and rail, and easier access to the station for cyclists and pedestrians. All this is intended to promote greener travel and reduce reliance on cars.

Although Lenzie station  is owned by Network Rail, the council still has the power to alter car park provision and bus waiting facilities.

An alternative plan, which has also been considered, is to increase parking at Lenzie station by adding a new deck at the north side of the car park but this is not the preferred option on environmental grounds ranging from pollution to impact on visual amenity.

Previous plans for a train station at Woodilee have been axed.

The council said the Scottish Government has no plans to provide funding for this and it is also felt it would provide very poor value for money, particularly as a station has now been confirmed for