Getting to know prehistoric “Jaws”

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Its “Sunday name” is Akmonistion Zangerli, but pupils at Mossshead Primary School know this spectacular fossil as “the Bearsden Shark”.

The fossil was centre of attention, yet again, at a special talk to two P7 classes, in which the important of its excavation was fully explained,

The “shark” was found beside the Manse Burn between the estates of Baljaffray and Bonnaughton in 1982 by Stan Wood.

A powerpoint presentation helped to expand the talk to include the geography and geology of Bearsden 300 million years ago.

Thanks to Dr Neil Clark, Glasgow University of Glasgow Hunterian Museum, there was a resin copy of the shark fossil to study, and Dr Clark also sent along a wide selection of smaller fossils for the children to handle and experience.

The children were enthusiastic about the local find and enjoyed the fun of being able to identify the items in the fossil collection.