Glowing report for key service

An underpublicised but vital council service has been given a strong tenth anniversary endorsement by government inspectors.

When young people hit potentially serious problems at school – with behaviour a key indicator that help is needed – the Educational Psychological Service (EPS) can provide invaluable help to get youngsters back on track.

And East Dunbartonshire’s EPS has recently been given a very positive evaluation, ten years after it was last scrutin ised by experts from HM Inspectors.

A Validated Self Evaluation – a process which seeks to challenge and improve the work of education authorities – yielded positive results.

The aim was to ensure that the service focuses on self evaluation so that the young people it helps receive the highest quality service.

Specially created teams studies the EPS’s processes and drew a number of positive conclusions.

They recognised, for example, that it has very effective and robust processes in place to evaluate its own performance.

It was also said to have become much more integrated into strategic development within the council, as part of its Education Leadership Team.

And it is said to have a strong capacity for continuous improvement, while also being well led – meaning the service can be expected to become still more effective and responsive.

Councillor Eric Gotts, East Dunbartonshire Council’s Education Committee convener, was delighted at the glowing report.

He said: “The service makes a valuable contribution to the Education Service and does important work with young people to help raise attainment and address disadvantage.

“The report is very positive and gives the service some affirmation that what they are doing is effective, and also gives direction on where it can grow.”