Going batty over house plans in Kirkintilloch

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FEARS have been raised over plans to build 30 houses on a disused quarry after bats were found at the site.

Dawn Homes have submitted a planning application to East Dunbartonshire Council to build 30 terrace, semi and detached homes at the site near Campsie View in the Hayston area of Kirkintilloch.

Concerned resident Ian Sinclair (62) says the site is a haven for wildlife and home to a variety of animals and birds, including pheasant, buzzards, bats and deer.

Ian, whose home in Woodland Avenue backs onto the site, said: “The bats have been there for years.

“This development will have a serious impact on the environment. The bats, deer and pheasants will get chased out and I don’t know where they will go.

“I just think it is a nonsensical place to build houses.

“People are objecting to it but the council doesn’t pay the blindest bit of attention.”

A recent habitation survey of the site revealed there were bats in the area, but they were not roosting at the proposed development site.

However, residents say this observation is one of a number of anomalies in the report. A campaign has now been launched against the proposed development, which residents fear will increase traffic in Campsie View and encroach on greenspace land.

A spokesperson for Dawn Homes said: “The enhanced ecological assessment for the site has been prepared by a third party consultant and in conjunction with East Dunbartonshire Council policy.

“It has shown the proposed residential development will not have a negative impact on the biodiversity status of the land and may actually improve the bio-diversity status of the site post completion.”