Going Mad in Milton of Campsie

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Churches in Milton of Campsie have once again got together for Go Mad – a two-week-long event that caters for children, young people and adults.

Beginning on Monday July 31, children of all ages will gather in Milton of Campsie’s new church every weekday morning at 10am for a Kids’ Club.

Music, art and drama will be interspersed with stories, snacks and much fun, with outdoor games at 2pm.

Young people (7-plus) will meet each evening at 7pm and will be based at St Paul’s Church.

Every weeknight, people of all ages will come together in the church for a Sundown Service at 9.15 pm.

Lasting only 20 minutes, the theme will be “Finding a Voice”, and the service will be followed by tea/coffee and of course home-baking.

One-off highlights will include a Community Quiz on Tuesday 1 August at 7.30 pm, a visit to Birdston Day Care & Lillyburn NH, and a litter-pick.

On Sunday, August 6 at 2pm, there will be a Celebration of Village Life in The Battlefield (football field). Community groups are invited to “take a table” and promote their cause.

There will be ice cream, games, crafts and of course a bouncy castle.

At 3pm there will be a short Songs of Praise followed by tea/coffee etc in the church hall where there will be an art display.

Come and go as you please!

Bringing the whole event to a climax, a charity concert will take place in the new church, with much music, drama and audience participation.

Children are free, and adults are asked to pay £5 (or more if they can manage), with all proceeds going to Christian Aid, Scottish Bible Society, Marie Curie & Strathcarron Hospices.

If you sing, why not join the folk who will be practising each weekday evening in the church during the two weeks?

At all the events, Kilombero Fair Trade rice will be on sale. Help to send a child in Malawi to school.

Rev Phyllis Wilson, Leader of Go Mad, said “This is an exciting venture in Milton of Campsie with both Fr John Deighan & Rev Julie Moody actively involved in it all.

“It’s a real celebration of our togetherness!

“We’re making the most of all the space provided by the two churches, and maybe the weather will allow us to use the green space as well.”