Golden memories for Clydesiders

Lenzie Clydesiders
Lenzie Clydesiders
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Golden-hearted volunteers from East Dunbartonshire made up the fourth largest group of Scottish Clydesiders at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

An amazing 609 people gave up hours and hours of their own time - unpaid - to help ensure the Glasgow Games went smoothly.

That put East Dunbartonshire fourth in Scotland for the number of Clydesiders - behind Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and Edinburgh and ahead of 28 other authorities.

In terms of the number of Clydesiders per head of population, East Dunbartonshire was top - followed closely by East Renfrewshire. A total of 1,760 people applied to be Clydesiders from this area.

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie said, “It is the people who made the Games such a success and I’m delighted that East Dunbartonshire residents were at the heart of that.

“East Dunbartonshire provided the fourth highest number of Clydesiders in Scotland - behind three authority areas with much higher populations - and ahead of many others.

“I’m delighted to say that local people volunteered as Clydesiders and supported the Games - as well as a range of events in the lead-up to the sporting extravaganza.

“Well done to everyone who volunteered, took part in the opening and closing ceremonies, helped to stage the sporting events and who went along to clap and cheer competitors from all over the Commonwealth.”

Councillor Geekie added: “A number of educational and sporting developments have been galvanised by the Games.

“Just as importantly, the sporting extravaganza has reminded us all of the strong sense of community spirit which exists in East Dunbartonshire and beyond - hopefully encouraging people to work together for the common good in the future.”