Good Samaritan comes to the rescue of teenager

David Craig, known locally as 'Orca'
David Craig, known locally as 'Orca'

A Good Samaritan nicknamed ‘Orca’ came to the rescue of a Kirkintilloch teenager.

Georgia Moffat (17) of Muirhead, lost her purse when she was walking in Kirkintilloch last week.

Before she even knew it was gone, kind-hearted local man David Craig had hopped on a bus and delivered it safely to her home.

Georgia and mum Suzanne were so surprised when he came to the door, they forgot to take his details.

But after an appeal on Facebook, they managed to track him down.

Suzanne told the Herald: “We went to see him to show our thanks and to let him know how much we appreciated what he did.

“Georgia’s provisional driving licence was in the purse, so he knew where to deliver the purse.

“We really can’t thank him enough. His name is David but he told us he is better known as Orca. I’m told he is always helping people by dong things like dog walking and cutting people’s grass.”