Grateful gran tells hero: You saved my life!

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A QUICK-thinking restaurant worker has been praised after saving the life of a gran who was choking on a roll.

Catherine and Jim Turnbull regularly visit Cafe Trevi in Bishopbriggs, but their recent visit turned into a nightmare when Catherine started to choke on a roll she was eating.

The 61-year-old stopped breathing and started to turn blue - but thanks to the quick-thinking actions of restaurant worker Katy Smith the ordeal had a happy ending when she managed to clear the blockage from Catherine’s mouth.

Katy’s sister, Irene McHugh, who also works in the restaurant called for an ambulance.

Katy said: “I heard my sister shouting and when I ran out Catherine had turned blue.

“Adrenalin kicked in and we got her on the floor.

“I managed to get everything out her mouth. It took me about five minutes.

“She had stopped breathing and her lips were purple.

“I managed to dislodge what was stuck and she started breathing again.”

A modest Katy (53) added: “I did what I could.”

Catherine, who has MS and uses a wheelchair, was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where she was kept in overnight to recover.

Her husband Jim (68) said: “If it wasn’t for Katy and Irene, Catherine wouldn’t be here today. They saved her life.

“Catherine has trouble swallowing so we chop up her food.

“She was unconscious. The emergency service operator told me what to do over the phone and I relayed it to Katy. She is a hero.”

Catherine said: “I don’t remember what happened. I’d like to thank the staff very much for what they did.”

Gilda Long, owner of Cafe Trevi praised Katy for her heroic actions.

She said: “We’re very proud of her.”

LIFE SAVERS: Catherine and Jim are pictured with Katy, on the right, Irene on the left, and Gilda.

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