Grieving dad joins junction campaign

Clinton Pringle
Clinton Pringle

A dad who lost his toddler son in a tragic road accident has expressed his concern over the safety of a ‘shared space’ project in Kirkintilloch.

Michael Pringle, from Moodiesburn, says he fears it is only a matter of time before someone gets 
hurt after the removal of traffic lights at the busy Catherine Street junction 
in the town centre.

Michael with Sandy (left) at Catherine Street junction

Michael with Sandy (left) at Catherine Street junction

In June, Michael and his wife Stacey suffered the anguish of losing their three-year-old 
son Clinton, who died in 
hospital after he was hit by a van on a controversial road 
layout on Jersey.

More than 3,000 people have joined his heartbroken parents to call for immediate changes to make the area on the holiday island safe.

After meeting blind campaigner Sandy Taylor at the Kirkintilloch site on Monday, Michael told the Herald: “Children and the disabled will not feel safe here and visitors from elsewhere will find it really confusing.

“There will be an increase in incidents and accidents here – of that I am certain.”

He added: “When you blur the lines of distinction between road, pavement and crossings it becomes confusing not just for vulnerable groups in society but for drivers as well.”

Clinton died in hospital after being hit by a van at the entrance to a park during a family visit to the island.

A woman has been charged with Road Traffic Law offences.

Local people on the island claim there is a “dangerous lack of distinction between the road and the pavement.” Campaigners are also calling for better signage.

Signing the petition, Michael said: “I don’t want any other family to go through the heartache and sorrow we have had to endure. Clinton was a careful wee boy near roads and didn’t 
deserve this but he didn’t stand a chance.”

This week, Michael met campaigner Mr Taylor, who has been at the 
forefront of the opposition to the controversial road layout changes in Kirkintilloch.

Earlier this month, pedestrians and motorists told the Herald they felt the reopening of the busy four-way junction at Catherine Street was “putting lives at risk.”

People complained of no signs and pedestrians were confused over where they could walk safely.

Michael said: “I can see why people are concerned. I’m really surprised the council has decided to go ahead with this design and layout. I have no doubt there are going to be some serious issues arising at this junction.

“Aesthetics should never be the most important aspect of road design, safety should be paramount.

“There will be an increase in incidents and accidents here of that I am certain.”

Depute Chief Executive Thomas Glen said: “Our sincerest condolences go to Mr Pringle and his family after the tragic incident in Jersey.

“We understand police investigations are continuing and it would be inappropriate to comment on comparisons between road layouts in Kirkintilloch and Jersey.”