Groups are still loch-ing to buy beauty spot in East Dunbartonshire

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BIDS to buy a loch on the outskirts of an East Dunbartonshire village are still being discussed.

Antermony Loch, in Milton of Campsie, is owned by the council.

At a recent full council meeting, members agreed to give further consideration to the sale of the loch and it will be subject to another report at a later date.

Caurnie Angling Club and Campsie Outdoors both want to buy it.

The council had asked Caurnie Angling Club, which has leased the loch since 1943, if they wanted to buy it.

However, Campsie Outdoors – which has lodges, a visitor centre and a shop behind the loch – says it had talks with the council back in 1997 about possibly managing it.

The council announced in February that due to interest in the sale of the loch it would be advertised on the open market.

The council has confirmed that several offers have been made to buy the beauty spot.

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