Growing concerns over flower beds

LENNOXTOWN: The  flower bed near Rowantree Place.
LENNOXTOWN: The flower bed near Rowantree Place.

Residents have raised concerns over the state of parks and flower beds in parts of East Dunbartonshire.

There have been increasing complaints from residents in Lennoxtown and Milton of Campsie since councillors voted to slash flower bed funding by 66 per cent and grass cutting by 10 per cent.

Some believe that certain areas are now being short changed.

Milton of Campsie resident John Marsh said: “The public gardens out in Milton of Campsie are in a sorry state indeed, whilst the lovely blooms in Andrew Avenue, in Lenzie, once again leaves us wanting and wondering.

“Why are one set of council tax payers being treated differently from another.

“The only nice public spaces in Milton of Campsie are those which are being done by the community council themselves - for example the gardens dedicated to Councillor Kennedy.”

Meanwhile, in Lennoxtown, the council has been accused of failing to maintain a border of flowers near Rowantree Place after all the plants died during the recent dry spell.

One villager said: “It seems ridiculous that even where the council is continuing to plant flowers they don’t seem to have the budget to look after them. It’s a real waste.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services, said: “Unfortunately the plants in some flower beds in Lennoxtown have died.

We are not sure if they were a poor quality batch or died as a result of the very warm spell of weather, as other flower beds within East Dunbartonshire which have had the same maintenance regime are still thriving.

“We hope to improve the landscaping in the area in the coming weeks.

“In Milton of Campsie, of the six previously maintained flower beds, the council still looks after three.

“Of the other three, we have sown one as a poppy meadow and Milton of Campsie Community Council has kindly agreed to tend one other, leaving only one flower bed in Derrywood Drive without attention.”