Ham is a top tip for a post-Christmas meal

A boned ham has to be one of the best ready meals to have waiting in the fridge when you can’t face cooking any more. Either buy a cooked one or cook it yourself as per the instructions, then score the underfat with a sharp knife and smother it with honey and mustard for the last 20 minutes in the oven.

At this time of year you can buy jars of redcurrant sauce specially made to go with cold ham but they don’t last a second so here’s my brilliant version. Buy one jar as a base, spatula it out into a bowl and then add any left over redcurrant jelly, likewise any jam.

Odd bits of marmalade are marvellous as are the remains of tomato ketchup – recruit anything similar lurking in the fridge. Meanwhile cut up an orange and lemon and simmer in red wine or port with a good tablespoon of brown sugar for about ½ hour. Tip all the jellies, jams etc into the pan and continue simmering until it’s all nicely mushy. Squish it all with a potato masher and then sieve back into the bowl. At this point I return a little of the mushy fruit. Cool until needed.

You’ll be surprised how much sauce this rather satisfactory round up produces. It does have quite a strong flavour, which is fine with cold ham, but if you want to pour it over slices of ham to serve hot I suggest you dilute it with a little stock.