Happy Christmas – have a gold star!

Lenzie Academy'Photo Emma Mitchell'19/12/11
Lenzie Academy'Photo Emma Mitchell'19/12/11
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A HIGH-flying secondary school got a welcome pre-Christmas gift from education inspectors - a glowing report card.

Officers from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) recently visited Lenzie Academy and published a report on their findings last week.

The school was praised for its ‘highly motivated, polite young people, who engage very well in learning’ and for the ‘range and quality of young people’s achievements’.

Staff commitment to pupils ‘in and beyond the classroom’ was also highlighted in the report. Meanwhile, specialist staff received praise for the ‘range and quality of support’ provided.

The report also praised the role the wider community had in providing a well-rounded education for youngsters.

The Academy’s involvement with East Dunbartonshire Campus of Higher and Further Education, its work with the voluntary sector and community groups, and learning activities outside the school were all the subject of positive feedback.