Harry Potter Festival coming to Bearsden in June

Harry Potter Festival coming to Bearsden in June
Harry Potter Festival coming to Bearsden in June

The rumour is true - a Harry Potter festival is coming to Bearsden for three days this summer.

The weekend event, from June 23 to 25, is being organised by Bearsden Festival and local traders to celebrate 20 years since J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ was first published.

Butterbeer and Potter burgers will be available at the great Forbidden Forest BBQ, and there will be a special Room of Requirement at Cafe Creme in New Kirk Road.

There will also be fantastic beasts (from the Zoo Man), a Quiddich tournament and Harry Potter service on the Sunday night, along with a special Harry Potter book club and discussion in the Shrieking Shack.

One of the organisers, said: “And, all the way from America, we have the Hogwarts Chaplain coming too, all dressed up and ready to lead discussions about culture and faith and community organised by All Saints and new Kilpatrick Churches.”

There will also be wand making workshops, late night films, family film shows, art and spell competitions - along with dressing up as your favourite Harry Potter character.

An organiser added: “We’ll hunt Bogarts and learn about Patronus spells and follow a Marauders Map across Bearsden cross.

“But we want to do more and make this a real community event. We need lots of help.”

To take part, organiser your own bolt-on event, help volunteer or if just want to find out more, www.facebook.com/lastweekendinjune/