Have they given up on vandal-hit historic house?

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A MAGNET for vandals who love smashing windows – that’s what locals fear a historic house in Bishopbriggs is becoming after being put on the market by East Dunbartonshire Council.

B-listed Huntershill House was the 18th century home of Thomas Muir, widely acclaimed as the ‘father of Scottish democracy’.

The cash-strapped council slapped a ‘For Sale’ sign on the landmark in October last year, but there has been little interest shown by developers in the dilapidated house.

On Sunday, April 22, police caught three teenagers smashing windows at the property.

The Herald understand that there are no plans to replace the windows – leaving residents worried about the message the inaction sends out to the vandals.

One concerned resident said: “It’s all very well boarding up the windows, but it almost seems like the council has given up on keeping the property in even a vaguely decent condition.

“We’re worried that there will be more and more vandalism when people see the council doesn’t seem to care – making it less likely that anybody will want to take over the building.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s head of assets and property services, said: “We were disappointed to hear about this recent spate of vandalism at Huntershill House and boarded up six windows.

“The building has been made secure and is regularly inspected to ensure it remains so.”

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