Have you gone potty? Sort out main roads first!


ROADS chiefs have been accused of resurfacing the ‘wrong’ roads.

Bridgeway Road, in Kirkintilloch, has been completely resurfaced, but one local taxi driver says the council should make potholes on major routes a priority.

He told the Herald: “I just couldn’t believe it when I saw them out working on the road. It wasn’t even that bad in the first place - certainly not compared to many main roads with big potholes.

“I know that the council don’t have a lot of cash at the moment, so you would have thought they would use what little they have where it’s needed most.”

A council spokesperson said: “Bridgeway Road is one of the 30 carriageway resurfacing projects from the capital resurfacing programme for 2010/2011 of £2.1 million.”

The spokesperson added: “It is important that we continue to have a planned approach to improving our roads network, whilst we also continue to respond to our routine and emergency carriageway patching repairs throughout the year.”