Have you lost a family album?

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A Kirkintilloch man who has found what could be someone’s treasured family album has asked us to help him trace its owner.

Mr Louis Knowles of Thistle Street spotted it in the street, commenting: “It could be someone has put it on the roof of their car then driven off, forgetting it was there.

“Whatever the reason it could be really important to someone, as it shows family members on what may have been a special trip.”

That trip may have been in Canada, as towards the end of the album there’s a badge showing a Royal Canadian Mounted Police logo –featuring the image of an officer on horseback dressed in the same classic RCMP uniform as the man pictured here.

The photographs, all colour, clear and well taken, are of adults and children enjoying what looks like a boating trip, and also feature a family pet cat.

The album is in excellent condition, neatly bound, and hasn’t been exposed to the weather.

The photographs appear to be from recent times rather than many years ago.

If it is your album, or you know who it might belong to, contact our news desk on 0141 775 4054, and we will pass your details to Mr Knowles.