Have you seen missing Piglet?

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A MISSING person’s report has been issued by a Kirkintilloch gran – for a four-year-old called Piglet!

The cuddly comforter went missing on the night of Thursday, October 6, in the vicinity of Asda Robroyston.

Piglet is described as being dirty pink in colour due to a lot of love and care (pictured below) from owner Kayla Brown.

Gran Marion Walls, from Harestanes, said: “It might look like it needs a bath, however, according to Kayla it does not smell the same! Piglet goes everywhere with Kayla.

“Kayla is so sad and upset, as is her brother Lewis who doesn’t like to see his sister upset.

“Kayla thinks the postman is going to deliver Piglet to her. Family and friends have asked Asda umpteen times if they have found it yet, however, no luck.”

She added: “We have had no luck in finding another Piglet the same. We would rather have her old one back though because she knows every mark and blemish on her Piglet.”

Granddaughter Kayla is four and is from Stepps.

Anyone who can help reunite her with her old friend is asked to contact the Herald on 0141 775 0040.