Have your say on Kirkintilloch Gateway plan

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There is still time to have your say and help to shape the future of a prime site identified as one of East Dunbartonshire’s ‘flagship’ business locations.

That’s the message to residents and businesses as consultation continues on the draft masterplan for the Kirkintilloch Gateway site.

The area - adjacent to Initiative Way and bound to the north by the existing residential area around Loch Road and to the south by Woodilee Road - has been identified as a leading business site in East Dunbartonshire Council’s Local Plan 2.

The vision is that it “incorporates predominately economic development uses and may also include, where appropriate, non-food retail, residential and hotel/leisure uses”.

The council has drafted a masterplan setting out its views on the appropriate direction for development.

A period of public consultation on the masterplan began earlier this month and ends on Friday (September 26).

Councillor Alan Moir, convener of the council’s Development and Regeneration Committee, said: “The Single Outcome Agreement for East Dunbartonshire sets out a series of outcomes for us to achieve, the first of which is ‘East Dunbartonshire has an expanding economy with a competitive and diverse business and retail base’.

“If we are to achieve this outcome then we need attractive, well-connected sites for businesses to base themselves in.”

Details of the masterplan are available on the council website at www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk. Alternatively copies can be viewed at William Patrick Library/Kirkintilloch Community Hub, Lenzie Library, the council’s Broomhill Depot and Southbank Marina HQ. Copies have also been sent to local community councils.

A council spokesperson said: “Everyone with an interest in the future development of East Dunbartonshire is encouraged to view the Kirkintilloch Gateway Masterplan and make comments or observations.”

Comments can be e-mailed to the Land Planning Policy Team at development.plan@eastdunbarton.gov.uk