Heart patients being forced to exercise ... in hospital corridors

Stobhill Hospital
Stobhill Hospital
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A FLOODED gym has still not been fixed at Stobhill Hospital – forcing patients to exercise in empty rooms and corridors.

The exercise facilities at the New Stobhill Hospital, which opened in 2009, were closed in August after heavy rain caused a pipe to burst.

Since then cardiac rehabilitation patients have been restricted to exercising in makeshift rooms, while the state-of-the-art equipment is left unused in the damaged gym.

One patient told the Herald: “I had a heart attack in July and was sent to Stobhill for exercise classes to build up my heart muscles.

“It’s useless though. Because the gym is shut we’re left to walk up and down the corridors and do simple exercises in empty rooms. “Frankly, I could do that at home.

“There’s a couple of exercise bikes to use, but that’s about it. I just don’t understand why it’s not been fixed yet.

“This is a new hospital, yet the gym has been closed for three months. I’ve been told it probably won’t reopen until after Christmas.

“There’s about 10 people in my class most weeks and there are several other classes, so this is affecting a lot of people.”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “Following unprecedented heavy rainfall in August this year, substantial damage was sustained in the New Stobhill gym after a pipe split due to the volume of water caused by the downpour.

“The gym suffered severe water damage especially to the spring loaded floor which is designed to help our patients.

“The floor and specialist equipment in the gym all involve complex electrics which run underneath the floor and which need to completely dry out before a specialist engineer can check these.

“A new spring loaded floor has been ordered and will be fitted in November.The gym will be ready for use after that.”

The spokesperson added: “We have offered alternative arrangements to classes that normally run in the gym while work is ongoing to resolve this issue.”

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