Heartbroken couple to raise funds in memory of Ariyana

Chellsey and Raj with baby Ariyana
Chellsey and Raj with baby Ariyana

A grieving mum has told how she will honour the memory of her baby girl who died in her arms just weeks after being born four months premature.

Tiny Ariyana Sharma arrived unexpectedly at 23 weeks and five days on January 7. She weighed just 1lb 7oz and was so small she fitted into her mum Chellsey Black’s hand.

Despite putting up a strong fight, Ariyana passed away in her mum’s arms on February 3.

Chellsey (22) said: “I prepared myself for the worst. I was devastated. They showed me Ariyana for a couple of minutes and took a photo of her before she was taken to intensive care.

“We got our first cuddle when Ariyana was 12 days old. She had received so many blood transfusions, brain scans, heart scans, you name it. Our little girl was a fighter. She was doing amazing and was taken off the ventilator for two days.”

However, shortly after little Ariyana suffered a setback when it was discovered she had necrotising enterocolitis, an infection of the gut. Her blood pressure was gradually getting worse and her kidneys were failing.

Chellsey said: “Ariyana fought until the end. Her heart stopped and she received CPR for 10 minutes before they got her back.

“The decision was made for Ariyana to enjoy her last cuddle with mummy and daddy as her body was not strong enough to fight the infection. While cuddling her daddy for two hours, her blood pressure started to increase. Her oxygen saturations always increased during kangaroo care - cuddles down mummy and daddy’s t-shirt.

“After a lengthy discussion it was decided that she was to be put back into the incubator and they decided to try medication again, but it just wasn’t enough. Ariyana couldn’t maintain her blood pressure and they were losing access.

“At 5am on February 3, her ventilator was removed whilst having a cuddle with mummy and our little angel went to sleep.”

Chellsey and her boyfriend Raj (30) are raising money for the Princess Royal Maternity Baby Fund to thank the staff at the Royal Infirmary for the care they and Ariyana received.

They are planning to hold a fundraising event on May 1, the date Ariyana was due to be born. And £1,120 has been raised through a Just Giving site.

Chellsey, who is from Kirkintilloch and now living in Kilsyth, added: “This was the best four weeks of our lives.

“We will never be able to express how grateful we are for the time that we had with our sweet Ariyana.

“She’s an angel who has touched many people’s lives.”

You can donate to the fundraising campaign by visiting www.justgiving.com/Ariyana