Helen’s getting into the groove at opening ceremony

Helen McGinn dancing at the Commonwealth Games.
Helen McGinn dancing at the Commonwealth Games.

A woman who says she ‘can’t dance’ has been picked to

perform a dance routine at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

Helen McGinn (44) from Bearsden says her teenage children - boy and girl twins aged 13 and her 14-year-old daughter, think it’s hilarious that she made it through the audition for the role as they think she’s a terrible dancer.

She said: “I didn’t think I did that well in the audition and decided that it might not be for me after all as there may be a lot of dancing and singing.

“Then I got offered the role and the organisers reassured me by explaining that we’d all be taught everything we need to know for the perfomance.

“I’ve been attending rehearsals with the Jack Morton Group, who were involved in the ceremonies at the Olympic Games, for the past two weeks.

“Initially we’ve been getting together four or five times a week but in the run up to the Games we will be practising for ten days solid.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying it, we are all having loads of fun and I’ve made loads of new friends.

“The camaraderie has been wonderful - everyone has been helping each other and even offering to share transport and put people up through facebook.

“My children think it’s really funny that I’m involved in this because of my lack of dancing skills but the routine is sinking in now.”