Help Peter get back to the river

Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson

The family of a world champion fly fisher who was forced to have a leg amputation last year are hoping for help to get him back on the river.

Peter Anderson, from Kirkintilloch, celebrated his 90th birthday earlier this year, but the occasion was tinged with sadness as he had recently lost a leg below the knee due to issues stemming from long term diabetes.

He’s feted in fishing circles as a world record holder in fly casting, who won British, European and World title, as well as teaching celebrities like Tiger Woods and Frank Sinatra the tricks of the trade.

He’s recently been supplied with a prosthetic limb by the NHS but finds it causes him immense discomfort.

Now family friend Dr Roderick Macleod has launched a Peter Anderson Posthesis Appeal (PAPA) ‘crowdfunding’ campaign to raise cash for a high-tech alternative.

Son Peter explained: “Since my dad had his lower left leg removed at the end of last year he has struggled terribly with the prosthetic limb supplied by the NHS.

“As a family we are doing our very best to support his recovery, but it’s become clear that to regain a decent level of mobility we will have no option but to look at getting him an alternative limb which sadly is not available on the NHS.

“We have been recommended the Triton Harmony limb which will cost in the region of £40,000, so we hope to raise as much as possible via crowdfunding, with the difference being made up through extra fund raising by family members and friends.

“We sincerely thank everybody for their help to get an old fisherman back on his favourite rivers and fishing again.”

Daughter Margaret-Anne added: “My dad means the world to me. He is the bravest and most determined person I know and is an inspiration and great example.

“I am grateful to Dr Roderick Macleod for initiating the idea of crowdfunding as it could give my dad the opportunity to have a high-tech spec prosthetic limb that he could use to be mobile again and help him realise his dream of going fishing once more.

“Angling is his love and life.

“My heartfelt thanks to everyone who donates to the Peter Anderson Prosthesis Appeal.”

Donate to the appeal at .