Help to heat your home is just a phone call away

Don’t be blue this January, call the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99.

No one needs to struggle to heat their homes as temperatures fall to their lowest this winter, according to the Home Heat Helpline (HHH).

The Helpline has warm and friendly advisors on the end of the phone to make sure callers can get all the help available.

This ranges from tips on how to keep out the cold to guidance on getting money directly off the bill. Advisors can make sure vulnerable customers are on the Priority Service register so they get help at the head of the queue if their heating breaks down or the power supply goes off.

The Helpline can also put callers through to individual energy companies which have their own trust funds to help customers in need. And as some energy companies are due to close their Warm Home Discount schemes a call to HHH will also ensure customers don’t lose out.

Jim Crews, from the Home Heat Helpline said: “You don’t have to feel down or sit shivering with cold. This is the time to take action, not to suffer in silence. The Home Heat Helpline is there to make sure customers who need support can get all the help on offer. Speaking to a reassuring, helpful voice cannot be underestimated. So dial, don’t dither - call us today on 0800 33 66 99.”