Here’s a tip ... tidy up your back garden, says Bishopbriggs man

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A DISGUSTED couple have pled for help after seeing their back garden turned into a rubbish tip by anti-social neighbours.

Douglas and Violet Baillie bought a flat in Graham Terrace, Bishopbriggs, around six years ago and started experiencing problems almost immediately.

Douglas said: “The other five flats in the block are all council properties and nobody seems to stay for very long before the council moves them on.

“People are constantly dumping stuff in the shared back garden. It’s everything from furniture and carpets to bin bags of household rubbish which the foxes get into and spread around. It’s a real health hazard.”

The fed-up resident says that the council occasionally comes and clears away the rubbish, but more soon appears – and sometimes the council actually make things WORSE.

He explained: “One time council workmen came to uplift a carpet. There was a whole load of drawers and other items on top of it, but instead of moving the lot they just threw all the other stuff around the garden, causing more mess.

“One time a council worker came around to carry out some repairs and actually left more rubbish on top of the pile.”

Now the couple are demanding the council force their tenants to follow the rules.

Douglas said: “We want them to take tenants through the correct way to dispose of their rubbish when they first move in and then ensure they stick to it.

“We pay our council tax and keep our piece of garden and the front and back in perfect order – why can’t the council do the same?”

Kenny Simpson, the council’s head of housing and community services, said: “Once the housing service was made aware of this situation, our housing officer immediately visited Graham Terrace and we are now pursuing the special uplift situation with our cleansing department.

“All council craft employees have recently been advised of the policy associated with the disposal of waste and scrap materials generated after the completion of repair works to ensure that all waste is disposed of in the correct manner.

“We apologise if this has not happened on this occasion and will investigate the reason behind this failure in service.”

Douglas is pictured outside his property.

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