Historic bridge in Kirky gets a lift

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A RUN-down bridge in Kirkintilloch is in line for a revamp.

Eastside Bridge, which spans the River Luggie and links the High Street to the town centre, has been in a state of disrepair for several years.

Ornate railings are broken, paint is peeling and temporary barriers are in place to protect pedestrians.

Now East Dunbartonshire Council has submitted a planning application to “remove existing footways and pilasters and renew the bridge”.

One mum, who regularly uses the playpark next to the bridge, said: “It certainly looks quite messy at the moment so it will be nice to see it get done-up.

“I think it could look really nice if they do it properly and spend a bit of money. The railings are quite pretty but lots of them are broken.”

A local business owner added: It’s been such a mess for ages. The barriers always looked like they were going to be temporary, but then they seemed to forget about it. This area has been crying out for some money to be spent on it for ages - when the council talk about Kirkintilloch town centre and regeneration we always get overlooked.”

Councillor Billy Hendry, convener of the council’s development and infrastructure committee, said: “The council is to strengthen the footways of Eastside Bridge to enable the removal of the temporary barriers which are currently in place.

As the bridge is a listed building, Historic Scotland has been consulted and the approach taken to restore the bridge has met with their approval.

“The work is budgeted at £80,000 and is scheduled to be carried out before the end of the financial year. It is part of the council’s ongoing commitment to improve East Dunbartonshire’s road network. During this year alone, the council is investing over £5.7m.”