Historic spot targeted by tippers

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Fly-tippers are turning the road near an important monument into a makeshift dump.

A furious local resident recently contacted the Herald to complain about the state of Lumloch Road, near Bishopbriggs.

He says that the road, which leads to the Wallace Well monument, is regularly the dumping site for everything from builders’ rubble and furniture, to packaging and oil drums.

The well marks the natural spring where Scottish hero William Wallace is reputed to have drunk from hours before being captured by English soldiers - who then took him to London to be executed.

The angry resident urged others to help the authorities find those responsible so that they can be brought to justice.

He said: “If anyone knows anything about this idiot who has dumped this mess please contact the council.

“If anyone who is getting work done to their home recognizes the material please report your builder to the council.

“These people must be caught.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services, said: “The council takes any form of fly-tipping seriously and we appreciate this gentleman bringing this case to our attention.

“We would encourage anyone who sees any fly-tipping or who knows anything about those that are carrying out fly-tipping, to contact the council on 0300 1234510.”

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