Historic walk on Rouken Glen

The previously hidden waterfall on Glen Path
The previously hidden waterfall on Glen Path

Visitors to Rouken Glen Park can take in the historic atmosphere of life as it was 200 years ago, following a £3.2 million restoration project.

It all began with the discovery of a secondary waterfall, weir, flagstone path and dam walls built by Victorians during restoration works to open up unused parts of the park last year.

The exciting find also brought new life to the area known as Lovers’ Walk which includes original exposed iron beams and wooden boards, allowing visitors to experience the park’s industrial and social heritage.

Following the restoration project which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Est Renfrewshire Council, visitors can experience the park’s natural environment as it was two centuries ago and walk in the footsteps of textile workers of the Newfield print works in what is now Rouken Glen Park.

The works restored the Glen Path while maintaining historic relics, trees and habitats, working with the natural topography of the woodland.

Volunteers helped carry out the excavation works and studied the history of the area to uncover the site’s importance.

Phil Richardson, project manager from Archaeology Scotland said: “This rediscovery is of huge significance. The west side of Rouken Glen and the Glen Path area would have been the main engine room of the textile industry about 200 years ago.

“The Victorians re-routed and enhanced the burn to build a water management system that would control the flow of the water and be used to power the mill. It was important to the Crum family who owned the park and the local print works that it was powered by nature.”

Garry Nixon, park ranger at Rouken Glen said: “We’ve always been aware of the history of the park, but until now this part of Rouken Glen was off limits. The Glen Path is woven into the history of the park and now opened up and restored for more visitors to enjoy.”

Convener of Environment Councillor Waters added: “Our restoration of this historic pathway of Rouken Glen revealed this hidden gem. We have worked to make it as accessible as possible.

“The new boardwalk works with the rugged terrain now gives access to an area previously only accessible to the intrepid.”