History group remembers the tragic night Bishopbriggs was bombed

Carol Primrose, Donald Macdonald and Bill Findlay from Bishopbriggs Local History Group
Carol Primrose, Donald Macdonald and Bill Findlay from Bishopbriggs Local History Group

The night of April 7, 1941 is one that the Bishopbriggs community will never forget... when a bomb was dropped on the town during the war.

The bomb hit a house across the road from what was Bishopbriggs Higher Grade School (now Bishopbriggs Library). Beside the school were huts acting as a first aid post where any air-raid casualties would be taken.

Janet Primrose was on Air Raid Precautions (ARP) duty and was one of those tragically killed following the blast from the bomb.

Janet had two children, Bill (18) and eight-year-old Ian.

Carol Primrose, later married Janet’s son Bill, who passed away five years ago, aged 86. She said: “Janet didn’t have a mark on her, it was the blast that killed her. Bill was very broken up about it, he was very fond of his mum. It was one of those families where the older boy was closer to his mother.

“I remember Bill saying he wanted to join the RAF, but his father asked him not to, so he joined the army instead.

“It’s not really known why the bomb struck Bishopbriggs. It’s thought it might have been for the Cadder Marshalling Yard or that they realised they were suddenly going in the wrong direction.”

Ellen Hendry, who passed away earlier this year, was approaching her 18th birthday, on the tragic night. Whenever the air-raid sirens sounded it was Ellen’s job to make sure everyone in part of the area headed for shelter beside the railway.

Bishopbriggs Local History Group is looking for people’s memories of the tragic night in Bishopbriggs and other stories from the First World War and the Second World War.

Carol is chairperson of the history group. You can contact her by emailing primrose@torvean.u-net.com