Hit-and-run victim issues appeal

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A DRIVER left out of pocket after a ‘hit-and-run’ bump has appealed for a ‘good samaritan’ who saw the accident to get in touch.

Stuart McDonald parked a blue Ford Fiesta - a courtesy car which he was driving while his own was being repaired - on Oxford Street, Kirkintilloch, on Tuesday, September 20.

When he returned he was shocked to find that a car had hit the front bumper - causing more than £500 worth of damage.

A postcard had been left on the windscreen by somebody who witnessed the crash at around 3.10pm, but no contact details were left.

Now Stuart faces an excess payment of £350 and losing his no-claims bonus if the guilty party isn’t caught.

He said: “It looked like someone had hit the car with a sledgehammer. It needs a whole new front bumper.

“I’m totally sickened by it and it seems I have no recourse unless this good samaritan comes forward.

“I’m going to be about £550 out of pocket and will have a claim against me - the first since passing my driving test in 1986.

“It’s frustrating because I’m obviously completely blameless.”

If you were the person who placed the note on Stuart’s car and would like to get in touch with him, contact Herald reporter David Hepburn on 0141 775 0040.