Hit with a ticket on new Kirkintilloch road

pauline conway with speeding ticket'photo emma mitchell'20/3/11
pauline conway with speeding ticket'photo emma mitchell'20/3/11

FURIOUS drivers are being hit with speeding tickets on a road with no speed signs, it has been claimed.

Miffed motorist Pauline Conway has called for speed limit signs to be erected on the new £30million Kirkintilloch Link Road after being hit with a ticket.

She was driving along the road from the town when she was clocked by police doing 45mph on the 30mph stretch. She was given three penalty points on her licence and a £60 fine.

However, Mrs Conway says that because there are no speed limit signs at the start of the road she thought the limit was 50mph.

The grandmother is planning to take legal action against the decision.

Mrs Conway, from Auchinloch, said: “There are no signs saying the road is a 30mph zone. I thought because it’s a wide road and comes down into the town with two lanes that it was 50mph.

“On the other side of the road there are speed limit signs so I don’t understand why they can’t be put on both.

“I’m not disputing that I was doing 45mph, but it’s unfair if there are no signs to warn drivers.

“How are visitors to the area meant to know? Most people I have spoken to think it’s a 50 or 60mph road.”

Mrs Conway is one of several residents who have raised safety concerns over the new road, which opened at the end of last year.

These include a lack of speed limit signs, confusing roundabout signs and narrow lanes.

Derek Cunningham, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of development and infrastructure said: “All signage is in accordance with appropriate standards and legislation.

“We would encourage all road users to drive within the speed limit for any section of road. Drivers travelling from Kirkintilloch to Glasgow on the link road should be aware they will remain in a 30mph zone until such times as relevant signs advise the speed limit has changed.”