Hitchhiker robbed by French crook and judge threatens to “hammer” rowdies

Bulbs are presented to pupils at St Machan's Primary in October 1988.
Bulbs are presented to pupils at St Machan's Primary in October 1988.

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50 YEARS AGO – December 12, 1962

A KIRKINTILLOCH man’s adventurous holiday took a turn for the worse when a crafty thief escaped with all his belongings.

Ian Young decided to “get away from home and break with routine” by hitchhiking across France, but disaster struck just four days into his journey.

He explained: “I was picked clean by a modern-day Dick Turpin who had given me a lift, got me out of the car for a moment and then drove away with my kit in the boot.

“I was left standing in my shirt, my kilt and my size nine boots.

“Luckily my money and my papers were in my sporran, which I wore continually from then on. I’ll go abroad and hitchhike again, but I’ll not tempt fate by going back to France.”

KIRKINTILLOCH Equitable Co-operative Society Limited were offering a Christmas special – one gill of double cream and two 8oz tins of canned fruit for three shillings.

40 YEARS AGO – December 13, 1972

A PAIR of ‘local rowdies’ were warned in no uncertain terms to behave themselves in future when they appeared at Bishopbriggs Burgh Court.

The two 16-year-olds had admitted a breach of the peace in the Jellyhill area of the town.

They had been seen with a gang of around 20 youths “running about shouting and swearing”.

Provost James Proctor told the boys: “I am sick and tired of complaints like this from Jellyhill.

“You are both old enough and sensible enough to know what you were doing.

“Keep away from that area and tell your friends that as well. I’ll hammer hell out of you if you come back.”

THERE were more than 300 entries for the annual Kirkintilloch and District Cage Bird Show in the town’s Temperence Hall. Prizes included ‘Champion Budgie’, ‘Best Novice British’ and ‘Finest Hybrid’.

30 YEARS AGO – December 15, 1982

POLICE warned Christmas shoppers to be on their guard against criminals.

A spokesperson for Strathclyde Police told the Herald they would have extra uniformed and plain-clothes police on the beat to deal with the expected surge in festive crimes.

He added: “Remember, it’s not only your money the thieves are after. Nowadays they’re every bit as anxious to get hold of your cheque book, bankers card and credit cards – all of which they can fraudulently use.

“Don’t carry a cheque book and banker’s card in the same bag, wallet or pocket.

“Also, don’t have your personal number attached to your autobank – yes, it sounds crazy, but many people do.”

KIRKINTILLOCH’S leading film rental library, ‘Video Vaults’, moved to new, bigger premises in Cowgate – promising more than 3,000 titles on VHS, Betamax and Video 2000 formats.

20 YEARS AGO – December 16, 1992

OLYMPIC runner Liz McColgan gave her backing to the Save Stobhill campaign after paying a visit to the under-threat hospital.

The international track star went along to see former cancer patients who had been cured thanks to Stobhill’s specialist care.

The local ladies even joined the athlete for a short workout at the physiotherapy gym.

After being given a tour of the hospital, McColgan told the Herald: “After being in the wards I have seen what a close relationship exists between the patients, doctors, nurses and the rest of the staff.

“It’s obvious from the relaxed atmosphere that all the patients have been well treated here.

“It really would be a shame to throw it all away.”

ROB Roy were dumped out of the Scottish Cup by Arniston Rangers when a last-minute winner saw the third round match finish 2-1.

10 YEARS AGO – December 18, 2002

LABOUR councillors in East Dunbartonshire pledged to oppose a rumoured 10 per cent hike in council tax.

A council insider had told the Herald that the rise, due to be announced in the New Year, could hit double figures.

Councillor Rhondda Geekie said: “A large increase is being considered, but it would not be one of the options the Labour group would consider.

“We would oppose the rise, but we have no idea if the administration are proposing it or if they are just considering it at the moment”.

Councillor Geekie added that the council was already set to benefit from an extra £11.4million from the Scottish Executive in the coming three years.

She said: “It is good news at first glance, but we still have to sit down to work out what we are doing with the whole budget for next year.”

OFFICERS from Kirkintilloch Police Station were involved in a major drugs bust after seizing over £80,000-worth of controlled substances in the Westergreen area of the town.

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