Hole lot of anger over parking in Kirkintilloch

Regent Centre car park potholes 9.5.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Regent Centre car park potholes 9.5.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

I’M boycotting Kirkintilloch until action is taken on potholes.

That’s the message from one irate shopper who has hit out over potholes in a town centre car park.

The woman said the condition of the Regent Centre car park, in Kirkintilloch, has deteriorated as a result of months of freezing weather conditions, which hit the area up until the early part of the year.

Several potholes have appeared in the car park, some of which are inches deep, and have prompted concerns that vehicles could be damaged.

The Kirkintilloch woman said: “I’ve never seen potholes like them, you have to dodge them.

“The bad weather is long gone, so I don’t understand why it’s taking so long for them to be repaired.

“When I spoke to someone at the centre they said they understood the problem and were waiting for quotes.

“How long does it take to get a quotes? They must be inundated with claims for damage to vehicles.”

She added: “I use the centre regularly, but it has got to the stage that I’m not going back.

“There’s no way I’m having my car damaged by potholes. We are constantly being told to shop locally, but this situation is hardly encouraging that.

“I’m not the only one fed up with it, I’ve heard so many people saying they don’t know why it’s taking so long.”

The Regent Centre was not available for comment as the Herald went to press.