Hole lot of ‘Barney Rubble’ after workmen leave pensioner with torn-up driveway

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A FED-up pensioner is warning people to be wary of doorstep sellers after workers left her to deal with a mammoth clear-up operation.

The woman gave the all-clear for the company, whose representatives turned up at her house unannounced, to monoblock her driveway.

It was a job that she’d been wanting done for some time, but it soon became apparent to her husband that the work was not being carried out in the way they wanted.

She told the Herald: “They were covering up drainage channels and blocking our garage doors with the monoblock. They just weren’t doing it right at all.

“My husband got into an argument with them and they just packed up their van and left.

“We didn’t pay them a penny, so at least we’re not out of pocket, but it’s going to take a long time to get everything sorted.”

The workers left behind an unfinished driveway and piles of rubble on the public footpath outside the house in Bishopbriggs.

Another company has now been instructed to clear up the mess and complete the job in the new year.

The distraught pensioner added: “It’s hard to know who to trust these days, but I’d certainly think twice about using a doorstep seller again.

“This other company has been recommended by friends, so I’m sure they’ll do the job properly.”

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