Holy Family pupils’ transport fixed for Monday.

The former Lairdsland Primary - now set to reopen.
The former Lairdsland Primary - now set to reopen.

The council has finalised transport details for Holy Family Primary children moving to the former Lairdsland Primary on Monday.

As reported in our current issue the surprise discovery of a building fault at Holy Family has forced a shut-down, and formerly closed Lairdsland has now been pressed into service as a replacement.

The council says the building, which has been vacant for four months, has been cleaned and decorated and all repairs done and furniture and class materials have been relocated.

There will be no change to the existing 14 classes with every pupil returning to their allocated class and teacher.

The nursery remains unaffected as it is in a separate wing of the Holy Family building.

Council leader Councillor Rhondda Geekie said: “We have worked closely with the head teacher and listened to the Parent Council to put in place arrangements that we hope will make this difficult situation as straightforward as possible.”

A list of FAQs about the transfer can be found on the homepage of the Council’s website (www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk) and any further updates will be posted there.

The same information will be shared through social media: Twitter @EDCouncil and www.facebook.com/edunbartonshirecouncil

Anyone with additional questions should contact the Customer Services Team on 0300 123 4510 or email customerservices@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

Parents can choose to take their children direct to the school in Kerr Street. There are three Park and Stride options available: from the Regent Centre Car Park; from Northbank Road and then walking down Park Avenue to Kerr Street; from Barleybank Car Park across to Kerr Street.

Maps are available from website homepage (www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk)

Children can walk to the school in Kerr Street if this is practicable, and there will be additional crossing patrols at Oxford Street/Kerr Street junction; Northbank Road/Park Avenue junction; and Cowgate at the bottom of Alexander Street.

Parents are advised to avoid parking in Kerr Street or entering Kerr Street (beyond the junction with Oxford Street) “to ease congestion in the area.”

There will be no parking in the layby in Kerr Street as this is required for pupil buses.

Children who are usually transported by bus to school will now be taken direct to Holy Family in Kerr Street. They will be picked up by bus at the end of the school day as usual from Kerr Street.

Four extra buses will be provided for children who require to go from the original Holy Family Primary to the new campus in Kerr Street and return at the end of the school day.

Bus times will be staggered to avoid congestion in Kerr Street. Buses will leave from the rear entrance of Holy Family at Westergreens Avenue from 8.45am.

There will be four buses available and they will leave at short intervals as there is only space for two buses to stop in the layby in Kerr Street.

At the end of the school day, buses will be provided from 3.10pm to take children back to the rear entrance of the school at Westergreens Avenue.

Again buses will be staggered to ease traffic congestion and for reasons of health and safety.

Buses will return to Westergreens Avenue from approximately 3.25pm depending on the traffic.

School staff will be on duty in Kerr Street and at the rear of the school in Westergreens Avenue to supervise the children getting on and off the buses.

Arrangements will be in place to ensure that children get on the correct bus. I

If a child misses the bus there will be a member of staff in the nursery (morning) or school office (afternoon) who will be available to help, but will be no supervision on the buses.

These arrangements will be closely monitored and reviewed with the Head teacher and the Parent Council.

Special Arrangements are in place for children starting P1 on Monday.

They should go to the Holy Family building in Kerr Street with their parents/carers at 9.30am and be collected by their parents/carers at 12.15pm later that day.

From Tuesday until Friday, September 4, P1 pupils will leave Kerr Street on buses at 12.15pm each day with a member of staff and be dropped at Westergreens Avenue. From Monday, September 7, these pupils will attend for the full day.

The After School Care Service will continue to be provided in the former Holy Family building in Boghead Road.

It will use the two Primary 1 classrooms in the wing of the building beside the nursery and they can use the hall if required. This part of the building is not affected by the issues in the west wing of the building.

Children who are going to After School Care will be accompanied on the buses going from Kerr Street to the former Holy Family building by After School Care staff.

The council is providing support and advice to the After School Care provider to ensure that the service is not affected by the work in the building.

Communications are up and running at the school and contact details remain the same. The phone number is 0141 955 2212 and the email is office@holyfamily.e-dunbarton.sch.uk Pupils will be able to use the computers and other ICT equipment as before.

Councillor Geekie said: “We have worked closely with the Headteacher and listened to the Parent Council to put in place arrangements that we hope will make this difficult situation as straightforward as possible.

“Pupil safety has, of course, been at the forefront of our minds when making transport arrangements.

“We would ask for everyone’s patience in the early days as everyone settles into a routine but please be assured that we are doing everything possible to find the very best solutions.

“Road signage and road markings will be reintroduced to ensure that motorists are aware of children in the area. Decisions have been made on safe drop off points, parking areas and school crossing patrols.

“Thank once again to the parents and staff of Holy Family Primary for their on-going cooperation and assistance”.