Hopes high for a new-look town centre

CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a new supermarket in Bishopbriggs town centre could mean a boost for the area.

That is the hope after a meeting between the community champions group, which was set up to liaise with Muse Developments on a masterplan for the area, and council officers last week to discuss recent developments.

Just before Christmas, Muse, the firm behind the ambitious project, pulled out and sold the former Bishopbriggs Academy site to retail giants Morrisons to build a new supermarket. The company currently has a supermarket in the town centre.

The move shocked and angered many residents.

However, the community champions group is taking a positive approach to the move. A Section 75 agreement, which was agreed between the council and Muse as part of its planning application, now passes to Morrisons.

This could include a contribution to the A803 road project, a community hub, and that the community is involved in the design process.

Dominic Notarangelo, chairperson of the community champions, said: “There is a chance here to create a model for a design process.

“Supermarkets are getting placed all over Scotland. I think we can provide something people can look back at and say ‘that’s the way to design a supermarket in a town centre’.”

Mr Notarangelo is hopeful that the development will attract more people to the town centre and bring a boost to other retailers. The group hope to meet with Morrisons for further talks.