Hopes that new evidence could set Billy free

Billy Irving with Yvonne and their son William
Billy Irving with Yvonne and their son William

The brother of a former UK soldier who has been jailed in India is hopeful that fresh evidence could quash his conviction.

Jamie Irving (40) from Bearsden insists that his younger brother Billy (37) is innocent.

Ex-para Billy was imprisoned for firearms charges in October 2013, along with five other ex-British soldiers and 29 crew members, after their anti-piracy ship - Seaman Guard Ohio - strayed into Indian waters carrying weapons in 2013.

But his fiancee Yvonne MacHugh believes she now has proof he didn’t break the law and that the weapons on board were legal.

Yvonne has also sent a 350,000 signature petition to get him freed to Prime Minister Theresa May.

The dad-of-one Billy was working on vessels as a security guard defending against the threat from armed pirates in the Indian Ocean.

Yvonne says the new evidence (weapons licences from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) shows the arms on board were legal.

She claims the documents show that these weapons were all British issued and in fact legal.

They have been submitted into court and his family are now hopeful that the men will be released and returned home.

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