Housebound by shoddy pavements

A disabled Kirkintilloch 
woman says she has become virtually housebound because of the poor state of the 
pavements outside her home.

Frances Noble (65) needs a walking aid after suffering 
a brain injury a number of years ago.

The fiercely independent senior citizen moved 
into a ground floor flat at 
Bield social housing development at Whitehill Court last year.

But she says she cannot leave her home even to pop up to the shop a few yards along the road because of the holes in the footpath and road on Whitehill Avenue.

Despite complaining in writing twice to the council in recent weeks, Frances says she has not even had the courtesy of a reply.

The pensioner said: “I can walk fine myself with the aid of my walker but the pavement and the road outside are full of holes.

“It is so bad that I can’t get any further than just beyond the outside of 
my home .

“I have to rely on a carer to help me or wait until a friend comes round, because I am 
terrified I will fall.

“Some of the pavements have been patched up but the repairs are not very good.”

The pensioner’s carer said: “Frances is able to walk with her aid but she can’t even get out to the shop for a pint of milk because of the state of the road.”

Frances added: “I had to be cared for in Mavisbank Nursing Home for five and a half years before I moved in here about a year ago. I feel I have been through the mill, but I like it here and like being able to live independently.

“I just want East Dunbartonshire Council to fix the pavements so I won’t be scared of falling.”

Grace Irvine, Director of Neighbourhood Services told the Herald: “Our inspector received a 
notification about an 
uneven pavement on Whitehill 
Avenue in May, visited the 
site and identified a small 
issue near Whitehill Court next to a fire hydrant.

“At the time our inspector considered that this 
defect was not a safety issue 
therefore did not require 
immediate attention.

“An instruction was 
issued to have a non-urgent 
repair carried out.

“ The repair is scheduled to be completed shortly.”