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Lawrence Murray,  Kirkintilloch. Charged for a Disabled Badge.
Lawrence Murray, Kirkintilloch. Charged for a Disabled Badge.

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AT the recent East Dunbartonshire Council Planning Board a disgraceful decision was made by the ruling Labour/Tory Group to build three and four storey flats at the Meiklehill House site.

At the public meeting, that was held in early December last year, the local residents made it clear that they would accept some additional houses of traditional terrace type on this site, but certainly not three and four storey flats.

Once again our voices and concerns have been ignored.

Name and address supplied.

TOM Johnston House, the marina, William Patrick Library - just what is going on?

I am more than old enough to remember when council services were based in the old Town House at the cross, with a flock of wooden buildings grouped behind it.

The library was based in its natural home in the Peel Park - and we all coped! But in those days no alternative was available, so we put up and shut up!

A golden dawn arrived - we had a purpose built council headquarters building across from Woodhead Park with suitable parking behind, and above all, we had a really wonderful new library building at the cross - just where it belonged, in the old historic area of Kirkintilloch.

I would also mention here the proximity of the sports centre in Woodhead Park to Tom Johnston House, just a step away from the main activities of the council.

It was wonderful - absolutely wonderful - and we all enjoyed the very suitable areas thus provided.

The library staff were over the moon, with properly ventilated areas for the archives and ample space for both reference and lending libraries.

The ‘residents’ of Tom Johnston House were in clover, with perfect modern facilities for every purpose.

But we (meaning the royal “we” of East Dunbartonshire) were short of money.

We all know about that - personally!

The council had ensured that Kirkintilloch Town Hall was left to moulder for years before they washed their hands of it.

Did I read somewhere that we need “A Community Hub”?

May I point out that both Bearsden and Milngavie still have their central ‘halls’ - in the case of Milngavie Town Hall and Exhibition Gallery adjacent to each other.

What did the people of Kirkintilloch do?

Remember that Royal Charter? - 800 years ago? - Anniversary last year - 2011? Tunes of glory - aye, right!

As a council rate payer since 1955 - never late or unpaid - I feel I have the right to send this letter.

Nancy Stewart,

Sycamore Avenue, Lenzie.

WHERE is the outrage about the utilisation of Kirkintilloch Library? Any business worth its salt would use this excellent and beautiful building to consolidate their services under the one roof.

Books are under pressure from new technology and the one location contact point for certain council services seems a good idea.

With the withdrawal of the floating library, perhaps some thought should be given to the new technology being applied to those that can’t visit the library.

A. McMillan,


(via e-mail)

I AM responding to the letter (April 25)from Jennifer R. Campbell regarding the charge of £20 to renew the blue badge.

Ms Campbell appears to take issue with the fact that disabled motorists are being asked to pay a modest fee, every three years, in order to be guaranteed free and convenient parking.

This works out, if my calculations are correct, at approximately 0.5475p per day over a three year period.

This doesn’t strike me as utterly unreasonable - especially at a time when all of us are seeing our salaries, in real terms, plummet due to inflation, and/or wage freezes.

Name and address supplied

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