How can I get my kids to two different schools?

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A single parent is pleading with the council to overturn its decision to refuse to allow her youngest son to attend 
his big brother’s school.

Sara Danson is appealing against East Dunbartonshire 
Council’s rejection of a P1 placement request for Robin (5) at Lairdsland Primary School where her eldest son Casey is a 
P5 pupil.

She says this refusal would make life impossible for her and 
her family.

The 33-year-old of 
Ellisland added she cannot move Casey from 
Lairdsland as he has social needs and she fears it would affect his health.

Sara added that not only would it be logistically impossible to take the two children to different schools, she would also have to give up the full-time volunteer post at Yorkhill Hospital she has been doing in an effort to find a job.

A tearful Sara told the Herald: “If I had known this would happen, I would never have sent Casey to Lairdsland four years ago.”

Sara’s partner lives near Lairdsland and she drops off Casey and Robin, who attends nearby St Mary’s Nursery, in the morning on the way to her volunteer work. She said: “I have no family in the area and rely on him to take the kids to school.

“I understand I am not living in the catchment area but how can I get my two sons to two different schools in time?

“I am desperate – I don’t know what to do. I know there are other families who are suffering too. The council is splitting families apart, putting immense pressure on parents and preventing some from seeking employment.”

Gordon Currie, director of education and children’s services said: “The council has a clear policy in relation to allocating places in our primary and secondary schools. Places are firstly allocated to children who live within the catchment area of the school. Any remaining places are allocated in accordance with the policy with clearly detailed priorities.

“Placing requests for children with siblings already attending a school are given the highest priority. While these requests are granted wherever possible, it is not always possible to grant all of these requests, depending on the demand within the catchment area.

“Within the placing request policy, there is an appeals process.

“Parents who wish to appeal will be given the opportunity to present their case to an appeals committee. We are unable to comment further.”