How can we cut £10million?

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PEOPLE have been urged to tell East Dunbartonshire Council where to begin cutting...

A consultation exercise which is set to shape the future of council services across East Dunbartonshire is underway.

The council’s Stakeholder Engagement Programme will ask residents what services they want protected from savage cuts of up to £10million next year.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “In September we will hear about our budget from the Scottish Government, so it could be December before we know what cuts we need to make.

“It might be as much as £10million, but we hope it could be less.

“The decisions get more difficult every year. There are lots of things we said no to last year which we will have to look at again.”

The first stage of the consultation exercise will involve stakeholder groups, citizens panel members, residents and council employees taking part in workshops.

Later in the year a questionnaire will be sent out to 10,000 households, with the surveys also available at council offices and online. The findings will be published in November.

Councillor Geekie urged as many people to get involved as possible, after a similar exercise last year helped shape policy.

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