Hydrant vandals are putting lives at risk

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Vandals set off fire hydrants a shocking 31 times in just one week - putting lives and property at risk.

There has been a surge in the number of incidents in the Springburn area with the recent good weather and school holidays. Fire chiefs, police and the water board are warning selfish vandals of the dangers involved.

Reduced water pressure can hamper the ability of firefighters to tackle fires and, by attending the hydrant incidents, it takes them away from battling actual blazes.

It also causes a threat to the vandals themselves and can result in thousands of properties suffering disruption to their water supply or reduced water pressure.

Watch commander Kevin Smyth, from Springburn Fire Station, said: “These incidents put lives at risk. It drains the water supply and reduces the pressure. Some of the hydrants we can’t stop and have to get the water board to reduce the pressure.

“It’s also a danger to those who are setting them off. The pressure that comes out of them could cause someone to injure themself.”

Scottish Water, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have renewed warnings to vandals.

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