Iconic Glasgow landmarks to be demolished

Red Road Flats. Pic by John Devlin
Red Road Flats. Pic by John Devlin
  • All of the blocks are empty and are being prepared for demolition
  • A comprehensive range of safety precautions will be put in place on each block including dust and debris suppression measures
  • Demolition contractor Safedem carried out the safe demolitions of five blocks at one time at Mitchellhill in Castlemilk in 2005

High rise flats which have become famous in their own right, featuring in TV and film are earmarked to be demolished later this year.

THE Red Road multi-storey flats in Glasgow will be brought down later this year in a one-off explosion.

The city’s skyline will change forever when the six blocks currently remaining are wiped out in a controlled blowdown.

A decision to bring all six blocks down in a single explosion was taken following feedback from local residents.

The one-off demolition, which will be carried out under strict health and safety guidelines, will be less disruptive to residents and businesses than carrying out multiple evacuations.

GHA, Scotland’s biggest social landlord, and world-renowned demolition specialists Safedem have previously carried out two successful blowdowns at Red Road in 2012 and 2013.

We’re working very closely with our contractor and partners on plans to bring down all six remaining blocks in a single demolition later this year

David Fletcher, Director of Regeneration for GHA

The demolition of the remaining Red Road flats is the latest part of GHA’s regeneration of communities across the city which will see thousands of new homes built.

Future development options for the cleared site are at an early stage and will include further community consultation over the summer.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.