In need of a good heart to heart?

The Fraser Centre Milngavie
The Fraser Centre Milngavie

A new group which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation within the community has been set up at Milngavie’s Fraser Centre.

The community friendship group, called ‘Heart to Heart’, recognises that friendships are important in our life and that it’s vital for people to get the chance to have real human contact and talk with others about their experiences in life.

It’s free and meets fortnightly on Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm.

A spokesperson said: “We recognised that there’s a need for a group that offers people the chance to communicate with others about our everyday stresses and to offer mutual support.

“We live in a world now that offers infinite ways to communicate but so often these communication methods are virtual; on the internet, email and social media.

“It is necessary for our wellbeing to spend time with others in a positive way.

“The irony is that we spend our work time speaking to lots of people but can, at the end of the day, feel quite alone.

“Many people are looking for an opportunity to talk about the ups and downs they face everyday.

“Long gone are the days when we had neighboutrhoud communities that looked after and supported each other.”

The aim of Heart to Heart is to bring people together in a group setting, to offer a place for human contact.

It’s also a good opportunity to make new friends and offer encouragement and support to each other.

The spokesperson added: “There are many groups for socialising, counselling, dating and taking part in activities but this group is different - it offers you the chance to reconnect with others.

“People can be themselves if they come along and enjoy a relaxed, happy environment.

“It’s simply a chance to share through chat over a cuppa.”

There is an optional small donation for refreshments.

Just pop in or email: