Inconsiderate parking is causing misery

Car parked in front of driveway on Switchback Road.
Car parked in front of driveway on Switchback Road.

An elderly man who has a disability missed a doctor’s appointment because an inconsiderate motorist blocked his driveway.

The driver parked on the white lines that mark the entrance to the man’s driveway on Switchback Road, Bearsden on Thursday, June 15.

Ken Morton, who lives next door, said: “It’s unbelievable.

“My neighbour is in his mid 80s and partially disabled so he relies on his car to get to health appointments and shopping etc.

“Also his carers and family use his drive to visit.

“His daughter had to park streets away instead of in his own driveway.

“This is another shocking disregard for local residents.”

The police managed to trace the owner of the car.

Ken added: “The police went over to the Garscube Estate and brought over a girl in scrubs and she apologised to my neighbour.

“The police said they would have had the car lifted had they not tracked her down at the vet school.

“Garscube Estate still charges for parking on the campus and the staff and students still park all over our streets.

“The council put “Keep Clear” signs on the corners and across our driveways but cars often creep over these lines and the problem has now moved up the side streets.

“It’s choc-a-bloc everywhere in our streets but there’s loads of room inside the estate.”

He says littering also continues to be a problem in the area and he regularly has to pick up discarded plastic bottles, food cartons and metal drink cans left behind.

A University of Glasgow spokesperson said: “The University has consistently encouraged staff and students to leave their cars only on University property during visits to the Garscube campus, and to choose public transport whenever possible.

“Cars which are parked unlawfully outside the Garscube Campus should be reported to the police.

“The first phase of a University of Glasgow parking consultation will finish on August 9, with a draft report expected in October.

“We would encourage local people as well as staff and students to share their views via email to”